1. It is a natural and 100% safe patch that helps your body remove fat safely and quickly.

2. Easy to use, safe and effective removal of excess fat from the body. Especially consider those who don't have time to exercise or eat. Just stick it on your belly and have a sweet dream, then tear it off the next morning. Enjoy weight loss while sleeping. Safe and convenient.

3. Patches work during the transdermal process, which means that they can release natural ingredients to help lose weight quickly through the skin.

4. Mini design, perfectly fit the contours of the skin, with good adhesion effect, the patch can be easily attached to the navel. Breathable and comfortable, it will not give you a moist and stuffy feeling when applied to body parts.

5. Helps burn fat, accelerate weight loss, metabolism. -Ideal for belly, arms, hips and thighs. Effectively eliminates any excess cellulite deposits.